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Becoming Real Becoming RealCloser / Antactic City

8 / 10

Becoming Real  Closer / Antactic City

COLD WORLD INDUSTRIES (CWI001, digital + 12”)

In 2010 he astonished us with a series of releases that firmly established him in the hot zone of the dubstep / garage / braindance hybrid that’s still developing at neck-breaking speed on the London underground. This year, he seems to be taking things a bit more slowly, but there’s no indication that 2011 is going to be any quieter for Becoming Real. Oh, no, definitely not. Cold World Industries is his own label, which he now kickstarts in a big way with a new proof of his skills. For now, you can buy the digital version; in two weeks, the vinyl will be in stores and believe me: it’s a must-have. It’s worth its price –and even a bit more than that– down to the last penny: the mastering is perfect, it makes the whole body shake with the low frequencies –that affect the stomach– and the high, which on “Closer” have the form of pinball melodies and sensual R&B diva vocals.

Yes, Becoming Real maintains his inimitable style of 2step and wonky beats, only he’s getting better and better with every track and release. “Antarctic City”, for example: dynamic breaks, a deep background, vocals superimposed over a minimalist cadence that becomes increasingly frantic. This man does things nobody could imagine and makes them club-worthy. To get an idea about the quality of these bangers, check the remix by Jam City: it doesn’t improve the original version of “Closer”, and is a very good remix. But the originals, well, they’re in a different league.

Claude T. Hill

'Closer' / 'Antarctic City' 12" (Cold World Industries March 14th / Digital March 7th) by Becoming Real

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