Claptrap / Level Crossing Claptrap / Level Crossing


Joe JoeClaptrap / Level Crossing

8 / 10

Joe  Claptrap / Level Crossing HESSLE AUDIO (HES014, 12” + digital)

Anyone that is brave enough to make a record and sign it simply as Joe, is telling us something important about himself: he doesn’t like to complicated things. He could have given a lot of thought to an allegorical alias, but instead he has chosen to be known as his mum and mates call him. What about the sound? It could have been all right that, as in a cosmic joke, it would have been messy and mannerist, but this is not the case: “ Claptrap” and its B side “ Level Crossing” are a celebrated effort of minimalism applied to breaks: only the percussive elements - a jerky rhythm box á la early Plastikman with cowbells and claps which smoothly wind as a snake, to the point of creating a rich rhythmic which turns into a Latin vibe on “Level Crossing” by adding a jazz piano, a Rhodes organ in contrast to a calypso steel drum and whistles similar to a Rio carnival. Interesting result: whilst “ Level Crossing” fits to the most overexposed musical adjective of the year -“tropical”–, “ Claptrap” is the funky house equivalent of “ Pulse X” by Musical Mob at the origin of grime. I don’t think is necessary to point out summer is just round the corner. Javier Blánquez


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