City Limits Volume 1.2 City Limits Volume 1.2


Silkie SilkieCity Limits Volume 1.2

8 / 10

Silkie City Limits Volume 1.2 DEEP MEDI (Medi030, 12”)

One of the title’s included on this vinyl can be associated perfectly with Soloman Rose, better known as Silkie: “Bass Junkie”. Give this man a sub-bass line and he’ll squeeze it until the last drop as if he were making orange juice. He’s a hopeless addict. The other title, however, is more original, with those very electro-like cybernetic funk bass lines and those disco piano notes; clearly “80’s Baby” is a very adequate title. Although what matters here is not what the songs are called, but how strongly they affect your stomach and hips. After last year’s album “City Limits”, we were eager to hear Silkie’s new stuff, and the boy doesn’t disappoint. Oh no, of course not: he already showed us his talent and ability for bending drum’n’bass and dubstep into a form that belongs only to him, and you don’t lose a thing like that just like that. The first thing you should know about this “City Limits Volume 1.2” –the extension in the form of a 12” of the original idea of the album– is that it doesn’t fit any particular genre. Silkie plays with breakbeats, with their speed and complexity so that it sounds like drum’n’bass or dubstep, depending on the moment. Like other mid-tempo producers, such as Sully, Silkie plays with the momentum, with the suspense: he is like a long-distance runner who speeds up and slows down according to what’s convenient, because he dominates the race. “80’s Baby” is funkier and “Bass Junkie” is more hardcore, one track is lighter and the other dirty, but they are the two faces of a Silkie who is living a moment of enviable inspiration. He’s not as famous as Skream, but if this is a just world we should not doubt: one day there will be a statue of him in the centre of London.

Ronald Fritze

Bass Junkie by Silkie

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