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Deadboy  Cash Antics Vol. 1 WELL ROUNDED RECORDS

He christened Well Rounded’s catalogue with a well balanced track “ U Cheated,” a luminous piece of 2step denoting a similar depth to Burial which was somehow introspective and an example of the less explosive aesthetic of the dubstep sound. Now Deadboy returns to his actual home after producing one of the electronic anthems of 2010, “ I U Want Me,” released through the label Numbers. This is his moment and he knows it. Deadboy is sitting comfortably on the uphill –talented, artistically matured, watching the outside world- and this “ Cash Antics Vol. 1” confirms his steady trajectory towards the top. There is so much talent in his skinny hands. The three cuts included on this 12” depart from the current progression dynamics of the old dubstep scene -the type you can find scattered nowadays on the crossover textures with Detroit techno, the vulgar eroticism of certain funky house and the baroquism of IDM– by returning to the origins of the sensuality of the 2step with a feminine US twang. In a another words: Deadboy uses non-identified R&B weapons -excuse the lack of a more precise “radar” here- and minor club hits á la dirty south, but he fills them up with his own beats. Like so, “ Long Way To Go” sounds like a collaboration of Timbaland and Timberlake made in South London –check those sci-fi 80s key sounds–, “ Unofficial Girl” gets closer to the summery vibes of funky plus added conga percussion, while “Way That I Luv U” sounds similar to a wonky production, perhaps by Beyoncé. This 12” awakes your libido, it frees your mind, though at the same time, it makes you move your feet on the dancefloor. He’s in luck. Claude T. Hill

Deadboy - Unofficial Girl


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