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HOTFLUSH RECORDINGS (CNL003 / HFCD0041, 2X12” + CD + digital)

One of the more interesting and consistently fresh outfits in recent years, Mount Kimbie , releases “Carbonated EP” - the final EP closely associated with their debut album. “Carbonated” brings together the title track from “Crooks and Lovers”, alongside two previously unreleased tracks, “ Flux” and “ Baves Chords” (which were originally made previously to and during the album). The EP is wrapped up with remixes from Klaus, Airhead and Peter Van Hoesen.

If there’s one thing Mount Kimbie are good at, it’s avoiding the pigeon holes and boxes that come with being part of specific scenes. While they came out of dubstep by virtue of their location and label association, their music has always been far removed from its templates. Instead, they draw upon a wealth of influences – flipping them into a distinctive style that has often been bitten but never bettered. The title cut exemplifies this perfectly, a ghostly 2step inspired groove with colourful melodies and a catchy cut-up female vocal. The two bonus tracks meanwhile explore different sides of the Mount Kimbie musical sphere. “ Flux” is more ambient and abstract. A shuffling groove, deep bass and ethereal vocals form the key elements of a long build up – which bursts into a grooving riddim that’s rather irresistible. “ Baves Chords” also draws on a more ambient atmosphere, this time coupled with guitar and a female vocal over a swung rhythmical structure - it is at once challenging and enjoyable. The contrast between the album cut and the two bonus tracks is a perfect example of Mount Kimbie’s hard-to-pin style.

The EP is completed by three remixes. Klaus takes “ Adriatic” into deep, claustrophobic ambient territories, while Airhead and Peter Van Hoesen both remix the title track. The former manages to transform the mood of the original, rebuilding it over a slow building four four groove. Alternatively, the latter goes deeper - with an electro house inspired take, that’s geared straight for the dancefloor.

Considering the success of “Crooks and Lovers”, most people are likely to be familiar with Mount Kimbie. Consequentially, most should need little convincing to add “Carbonated” to their collection, particularly as it’s not merely a rehashing of what’s already available on the album. For any new listener, it’s a good entry point into the world of one of the funkiest duos to have come out of the dubstep scene in recent years. If anyone’s keeping dubstep’s original ethos of possibilities alive; it’s these two.

Laurent Fintoni

“Carbonated (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)”

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