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Recloose ReclooseCan’t Take It (Remixes)

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Recloose  Can’t Take It (Remixes) PLANET E (PE 65329, 12” + digital)

The Planet E label has turned 20. Congratulations are in order. If anyone from the label is reading this –if you, Carl Craig, are reading this (and I’m writing this as if I were talking to a deity), I would like to take the opportunity to give thanks for so many precious moments. I don’t mean to say that I would have thrown myself off a cliff if Planet E hadn’t been there, but the simple fact that you have released such great techno, and for so many years, is an extra reason to enjoy every day: you have made my life better. I’m not the only one to think that: in the electronic community there are hundreds of DJs and producers who adore Planet E, and now that it’s birthday has come around, it’s time to give a voice to the silent fans who would wait their turn to release on such a huge label. Apart from a compilation, “20 F@#&ing Years. We Ain’t Dead Yet”, already out digitally and on vinyl come June, the celebrations include remixes of label classics released on separate singles. This is the first one (shortly, there will be a Martin Buttrich redux by Kirk DeGiorgio) and it consists of the original of “Can’t Take It” –from 2000, so soulful with the voice of Dwele, the tribal groove and the rubbery synth line–, plus a remix by Luciano.

I’m not sure up to which point it’s wise to work on tracks that are already perfect, that have already stood the test of time and that should be on museums’ walls for everybody to admire. “Can’t Take It” should be called “Can’t Touch It”, because I can’t think of any way to improve what’s already there. Doesn’t disgrace the Recloose anthem –reactivated after the release of his anthology on Ruh Hour last year–, and he treats it with respect, dressing it up in pieces of deep techno, turning it into a relaxed space voyage, with a lot of class. Dwele’s voice is hardly maintained, but the spark of the original is gone. The same thing happens with the other remix on the single, by Milton Jackson: it’s so deep and gentle that, pardon the comparison, it’s like turning hardcore porn into soft erotic stuff without any actual sex. The two versions are nice, but they can’t touch the original.

Ronald Fritze

Recloose - Cant Take It (Luciano Remix) SOUNDCLOUD EDIT by planetedetroit

Can't Take It - Milton Jackson Remix by planetedetroit

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