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High Places High PlacesCan't Feel Born

8 / 10

High Places  Can’t Feel Born

THRILL JOCKEY (12.43, 12”)

There was a turn towards an atmospheric style on High Places “Vs. Mankind” that wasn’t by chance. Prior to simultaneously conjuring the ghosts of dub -the duo themselves confirm the title is a tribute to King Tubby- and the ethereal pop of His Name Is Alive on this their second album, Mary Pearson and Rob Barber already had leaked into cyberspace a couple of tracks which gave us some clue of their interest for music that sounds like more like a fog than an African sunset. “ I Was Born” was given away for free last Halloween, and even if it wasn’t a witch’s song it did represent everything that would come later on “Vs. Mankind.” Wooden organic percussion, a more concise song structure, and trembling liquid low frequencies underneath Mary’s vocals which flow on like a comet on an infinite sky. The beats are close to the danceable ones -smooth ones, we mean- which were clearly reaffirmed on High Places’ second digital release before their March long player, “ Can’t Feel Nothing (HP Remix).” These two tracks included in “ Can’t Feel Born,” which is released on limited collector’s edition clear vinyl, sit alongside the original version of “ Can’t Feel Nothing” close to dream pop, with the dubby, celestial even, construction, of “ I Was Born.” If High Places aspire to become the new Seefeel, taking into account the “real” Seefeel will resurface this autumn, the path trodden by this EP is the right one: towards the lyrical and open spaces of pop. They are going to give us more mental trips, without a shadow of a doubt. Richard Ellmann

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