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Magic Touch Magic TouchI Can Feel The Heat

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Magic Touch  I Can Feel The Heat 100 % SILK (SILK009, 12” + digital)

Mi Ami, spotted around Thrill Jockey HQ, are formed by Martin McCormick and Damon Palermo. The only reason why their career hasn't skyrocketed is that, just when things started to take off, McCormick decided to focus on what now is his stellar project, Ital - leaving Palermo in a tight spot without knowing exactly what to do. So, instead of worrying too much about the decline of the project he shared with his friend, he followed in his footsteps and started his own private project: Magic Touch. He decided to release his music on the same label, too, namely on 100% Silk; the house division of the mysterious psychedelic and hypnagogic conglomerate Not Not Fun. “I Can Feel The Heart” is, furthermore, a sincere tribute to what Palermo must consider the golden age of dance music: from the late eighties to the mid-nineties, the years when New York and Chicago house, exuberant with synthetic strings and female vocals, were elegantly opposing the diabolic speeds and high levels of intoxication of the rave rhythms coming from the UK.

Synthetic disco music is all around on this 12”, starting with the name of the project (it sounds like a production team from somewhere in the north of Italy in the late seventies) and the tracks are drenched in gallons of sweat worked up during long Ibiza nights. Riddled with congas, guitar solos, sax and strings, moments like “Clubhouse” and “Trax-Crusader” only bring back good memories. The last track, also the shortest, is reminiscent of the bonus beats on the Masters At Work singles. “ Clubhouse”, on the other hand, is a restless mutation of all club rhythms - from breakbeat to energetic disco-house in the vein of Roger Sanchez before he became vulgar. Meanwhile, “I Can Feel The Heat”, with its unstoppable gallops, its solos and its martial beat, sound like the DJ Sneak who influenced Daft Punk, but with a subtle nod to Frankie Knuckles' “You Love” and an encyclopaedic knowledge of disco according to Tom Moulton and Dave Morales. Is “I Can Feel The Heat” the dance record of the year? In spite of the nostalgic charge, I think it's quite obvious.

Richard Ellmann


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