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LCD Soundsystem LCD SoundsystemI Can Change

8 / 10

LCD Soundsystem, I Can Change DFA-EMI (DFA22591, 12” + digital)

In spite of its title, “You Wanted A Hit” isn’t exactly a hit, but it’s pure LCD Soundsystem so we have to keep it in quarantine in order to see if it will grow on us. “I Can Change” is more of a hit, if only because the formula is more recognisable as a matured James Murphy who with his third album seems to have emptied himself completely into his dense mix of glam, disco, punk and house. When his work is done –a splendid effort which we’re not going to go into now: “This Is Happening” needs no more kudos, it’s the others’ turn and on this EP, though “I Can Change” is the protagonist, there is enough room for Soulwax to rework “You Wanted A Hit” into a real post-nu-rave hit with predictable and rubbery crescendos, very effective, leading to an unexpected final with bell sounds a la Orbital. The rest of the single contains a version of “I Can Change” by Tiga who... wait a minute: is this that “Berghain sound”? It must be: technoid, cold and tense; a change of style for the Canadian, who more than ever seems to want to move away from the 80s stereotype hanging around him. The very promising Australians Stereogamous complete the set of remixes (these are exclusive to the 12” vinyl, the others you’ll have to download), take “I Can Change” to a diffuse field of tech-house in both a vocal and an instrumental version, which fit the 12” perfectly: commercial, festive but never cheap or common. Good remixes to prolong the impact of one of the catchiest songs of the year. Ronald Fritze LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change

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