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Shlohmo  Camping Ep FRIENDS OF FRIENDS (digital)

The World may be full of species, like the Whale, that are on the brink of extinction, but there’s one musical species that is in no danger of disappearing anytime soon: the narcotic beatmaker who roams the streets of Los Angeles, buys vinyl from the 20 cents crates, creates sleepwalking hip-hop fantasies by day and inhales the atmosphere at the Low End Theory club for inspiration each night. Every day there are more of them, and every day they get better. This time it’s Shlohmo, a.k.a. Henry Laufer, an artist with one foot in San Francisco and the other in L.A. but with his mind firmly where it’s supposed to be: in a place somewhere in orbit around this planet, or in the time frame of the small hours of the morning. With pulsating synth lines and beats so fragile they seem to be made of glass and on the verge of shattering, Shlohmo is finding a way of producing what situates him in pole position amongst the emerging post-Flying Lotus generation of producers. His biggest strength is in the pastoral: more than sci-fi, Shlohmo is prone to a state of suspension and relaxation, constructing his pieces from the idea of calm, where the feeling of eternity is concentrated into a few seconds – “Naps”, “Birthday Beat”, “Tomato Smash”, “Sippy Cut”: apart from referring to the hours of sleep, special moments or small pleasures the tracks are also high-end bonus beats to continue our listening on from the pleasure of his first album, “Shlohmoshun”, which was released on vinyl by Friends Of Friends. The EP doesn’t leave it at that: the remixes of Baths – a huge concentration of melancholy, Shigeto – with basslines to test the strength of our subwoofers – and Asura – which sounds like an extra-terrestrial radio broadcast – don’t only expand the colour palette, they also give us the heads up on the forming of a new contemplative hip-hop family within the Californian scene. But they don’t think about the bling, they only think about an easy morning by the poolside.

Claude T. Hill

Birthday Beat - Shlohmo - Camping EP by FoFMusic


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