Break Off / Evening Glow Break Off / Evening Glow


SBTRKT & Sampha SBTRKT & SamphaBreak Off / Evening Glow

7 / 10

SBTRKT & Sampha  Break Off / Evening Glow RAMP RECORDINGS (RAMP033, 12”)

There is one element that works well on “Break Off”, and one that doesn’t. Or actually there are two that don’t – I would have to add the voice, too cheesy for my liking and more apt for a certain kind of gay-oriented house and not for the current variations of dubstep, but vocals are an option for producers that don’t affect the development of a track: either you like it, or you don’t. In turn, the bass line, so beefy and outstanding (and at the same time so dynamic, so deliberately virtuous), makes side A of this first collaboration between SBTRKT and Sampha – of whom we know little, other that he has remixed Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip and The xx – sound like the old nu skool breakz styles, those that wanted to take the rhythmic dynamics of English rave music to the commercial radio stations, television and charts. It’s not a bad choice, but a bit clumsy: SBTRKT has shown more class before, but even though the mix with electro patterns on “Break Off” sounds pretty nifty, unfortunately it doesn’t sound like that dream mix of Skream and Tipper. The B-side, to add to the confusion, enters the arena of deep-house with persistent a bass li

Claude T. Hill

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