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Lukid LukidBoxing Club / Blind Spot

8 / 10

Lukid Boxing Club / Blind Spot GLUM (GLUM001-12, 12” + digital)

Okay. You thought Lukid was all about beats and bass. A producer, always surrounded by darkness and fog. A builder of lazy cadences based on hip-hop and dubstep. And then you hear this 12”, the first release on the new Glum label, and you don’t understand. In other words, you realise you misunderstood Luke Blair. Those who know his work better know that some of the tracks from the Thriller series are his, and that there are several reasons to understand that the Lukid’s expressive register goes beyond what he offers on albums like “Foma” (Werk, 2009). In any case, there wasn’t yet a lot of house to be heard, and “Boxing Club” and “Blind Spot” show a Lukid who approaches the rhythmic structure of the 4x4 and seems to leave the tracks half finished, like Omar-S and Marcellus Pittman. This is Lukid’s techno-soul connection. It shouldn’t surprise us. His production is always rough and contains crunches, static noise and a minimum of polishing. On this single the textures are very similar: weird atmospheres rule, but the breakbeat is substituted with the kick drum in search of that pure sound, so genuine and addictive, of the new lo-fi jackmasters from Chicago and Detroit. The same way his labelmate Lone unexpectedly switched from idyllic downtempo to deep house, Lukid has taken the liberty of recording a house single that could have been one of Kyle Hall’s first releases on FXHE. Is that a problem? I shouldn’t think so: this piece of plastic contains some serious shit. In fact, maybe you should kiss the ground he walks on.

Ronald Fritze

Lukid - Boxing Club / Blind Spot by subraw

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