Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP


eLan eLanBleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP

7 / 10

eLan  Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP MONKEYTOWN RECORDS (MONKEYTOWN012, LP + digital)

Of all the producers from the WEDIDIT collective, in top shape right now thanks to the recent releases by Groundislava and Jonwayne, Elan Stouffer is one of those who waited the longest to make his debut, and curiously enough, he did it far away from Los Angeles: “Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp EP” has the blessing of Modeselektor, whom he already gave two tracks last year, “I Can’t Breathe” and “McGuillicutty Moves”, for one of the volumes of the 50 Weapons series. On WEDIDIT they work carefully, and they sharpen the sounds so that they cut through your brain like scalpels: along with Brainfeeder, they are the avant-garde of psychedelic hip-hop in California, and judging from what eLan is delivering in the four original cuts on this vinyl, we can expect some growth from him. Educated, like so many other beatmakers from the area and of his generation, by the asymmetric construction by J.Dilla, the sounds of video games and a diluted notion of funk in which the synths sound fat and bright but with the sensuality elaborated in a lab, his rhythms remind me of those by Lazer Sword or Jimmy Edgar: a fluorescent new-funk that can bite when it wants to, but winks when it tries to create an effect of sexual excitation.

It’s no surprise, then, that Lazer Sword sign one of the two remixes of “Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp” (the track): they make it more retro, but you recognise the fatherhood of a style and a cadence. This 12” is well worth your money because of the original tracks and the remix, but the other remix really makes it good. It’s done by Byetone (Raster-Noton), whom we have heard little of in a long time but hasn’t lost anything of his tone: cutting techno –slow and funky in this case- that is closer to the cubism of Gescom than to the industrial clearness of Sandwell District. A good investment.

Richard Ellmann

“Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp (Lazer Sword Remix)”

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