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Beautiful Swimmers, Big Coast FUTURE TIMES (FT006, 12”)It doesn’t cease to amaze me that much of the warmest and most summery music lately is coming from places that don’t exactly bring up images of sun, terraces filled with semi-naked bodies and palm trees like Oslo or, as is the case with Beautiful Swimmers, the not-so-tropical city of Baltimore. The conclusion is that (almost) everything labelled “Balearic sounding” is more an escapist dream –people trapped in unexciting, cold cities- than a celebration of hedonism as an extension of a life filled with swimming pools, sun and spare time. Can anyone imagine two geeks like Andrew Field-Pickering –from Food For Animals and Maxmillion Dunbar– and Ari Goldman spending all summer in Ibiza, drinking mojitos in between orgies? If they were Blaqstarr, maybe, but look at those faces. I don’t see them in the final scene of “Revenge of the Nerds” but I can imagine them wishing they were, sitting in some hole filled with recording equipment and a couple of seasons of “Entourage” on DVD. Hence singles like this, “Big Coast”, are a link between downtempo, disco, house and dub with three admirable cuts on it. “Touch Base” is a temporary return to the days in the mid-eighties when electro and hip-hop bands sampled European synth-pop and played with the infinite possibilities of the first samplers (somewhere between The Art Of Noise and Jan Hammer with a bit of Grandmaster Flash thrown in for good measure), while “Give It All You Got” fully enters the boogie revival that’s going on right now, with the great hits of the Paradise Garage circa 1985 in mind. And what about “Big Coast”? It’s muscular dub with trumpets and a debt to its city, the party sound of the B-More scene. If what they’re looking for is to get off with someone, they are going to succeed, that much is clear. Claude T. Hill

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