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Peverelist PeverelistBetter Ways Of Living / Fighting Without Fighting

7 / 10

Peverelist, Better Ways Of Living / Fighting Without Fighting PUNCH DRUNK RECORDS (drunk17, 12” + digital)

From the very first moment, the people of Punch Drunk have displayed a real love for Jamaican music, completely in synch with the musical legacy of Bristol from the era of the soundsystems and the dawn of trip-hop. And although many youngsters without roots in the long tradition of smoky basslines and rebellious drums have been coming into the label’s stables –as is the case with Guido and his inclination to UK garage and Joker, who sits between grime and video game music– there are things that never change. Peverelist, founder of the house and one of the first artists to champion the dubstep division of Bristol –back when it was just him and Pinch, and very few others- is still convinced his own sound has to stay minimalist and sober. There are no embellishments in the two cuts on Punch Drunk number 17. The bass pulse is regular, like the breathing of a sleeping man, the effects and echoes have the texture of an old machine and the only relief for the feet comes in the breaks – the speed brings it close to drum’n’bass, although there isn’t at any time an exact affinity with jungle. Peverelist has simply created a dubstep prank across ten minutes, altering patterns in an instinctive way and squeezing the rhythm, without flattening the way to the dancefloor. In fact, “Better Ways Of Living” and “Fighting Without Fighting” constitute mental, abstract and at times even dark material. I praise Peverelist for following his own path and not jumping on any bandwagons. Personality above all. Ronald Fritze

Peverelist `Better Ways of Living´Punch Drunk Records


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