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Ill Blu, Bellion / Dragon Pop HYPERDUB (HB036, 12” + digital)

As usual, Kode9 is separating the wheat from the chaff. It’s no secret that of all urban sounds from London, the one that interests the Hyperdub head honcho the most is UK funky. He has always defended it, without using intellectual discourse and, above all, without looking down on the commercial part of the phenomenon. The intense, organic and tropical percussion rhythms have already left their mark on the streets, and now it’s time to make way for the duo Ill Blu, one of the most solid production crews on the present funky scene. Their importance is clear: they have entered the mainstream successfully, remixing both the former über-WAG Cheryl Cole’s single “Parachute” and Hot Chip’s “I Feel Better”, and at the same time distinguished themselves with a fleshy, dry and very tribal sound that is absolutely exclusive to the underground. “Dragon Pop” is an example of the latter, with it’s minimalism, percussion without accompaniment, pure rhythmic science and evolution of the funky sound, the tough and hard way. “Bellion” on the other hand is closer to the accessible sound Ill Blu also commands, should the occasion arise. Read between the lines to understand that this 12” marks a silent point of inflection in the evolution of funky for audiences unfamiliar with the sound. Or in other words, they could end up conquering that section of the audience that is still resisting Scratcha DVA. I think they’re going to do it, and I hope I’m not mistaken. Claude T. Hill

Ill Blu - Bellion Ill Blu - Dragon Pop

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