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Bohren & Der Club of Gore Bohren & Der Club of GoreBeileid

8 / 10

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore  Beileid [PIAS] RECORDINGS (PIASR241DB1, digital)

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore ’s first idea could have been the following: redo “Rachel’s Song”, the sad song with saxophone from the “Blade Runner” soundtrack and turn it into an extremely elegant piece of electronic and ultra-melancholic jazz, at the lowest speed possible. Keep going for ten, fifteen minutes of placidity. Another idea could have been this: distil each and every relaxing and mysterious element of what’s considered “cool” in jazz, eliminate everything that could be considered dense (solos, bridges, exchanging instruments) and place it in a gothic context. That’s why, on the pieces of the German combo, there are only eternal and repeated notes, very subtle drums and hi-hats, and stealthy saxophones. They need nothing more to put you under their spell. Sometimes, as on “Catch My Heart”, there is a voice –in this case by the versatile Mike Patton, so well chosen that could only be more spectacular if it were Zola Jesus or Tom Waits singing. But basically, B&DCOG sounds like a parallel to Earth. While the Seattle band has been normalising doom in avant-garde rock since 1991, the group from Mülheim and the Ruhr has been doing the same thing with jazz for the past fifteen years, giving them this macabre and spiritual texture that was never there or became lost. There are no great, new things going on this EP, “Beileid”, and previous albums “Dolores” (2008), “Geisterfaust” (2005) and “Black Earth” (2002), just more wisdom, more technique, more purification of a sound that can seem gloomy, but also has beautiful antibodies to counteract the venom.

Tom Madsen

Bohren and Der Club of Gore - Catch My Heart - Ft Mike Patton

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