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Donnacha Costello Donnacha CostelloBefore We Say Goodbye Remixes

8 / 10

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On the whole, "Before We Say Goodbye" is an album of two colours which plows into two different section, but never in an unbalanced way. It has a dance section, a tribute to the old Detroit techno -drums that bind you to the ground and atmospheres that struggle to evade the laws of gravity- while melancholy, even teary, compositions by Costello reinstate the emotional awareness that for a short time it seemed might have vanished from his music. This is one reason why the Irish producer has commanded the attention of fans from day one. We appreciate the sincerity of his return to sweeter techno, with an almost physical need to forget about the cold exterior of machines and to re-explore their interior, searching for the heart and soul.

Now, we are presented with a set of remixes compiled from guests such as Lawrence, responsible for the track " Leaving Berlin," and KiNK & Neville Watson who do their thing with " It's What We Do." In a perfect world, we would now expect the arrival of further vinyl offerings filled with remixes commissioned with affection and the mantra: In Donnacha we trust. However, what we can take from this 12," though seemingly small, is actually enough to not think too hard on ordering extra portions. Both Lawrence and KiNK & Neville Watson capture the dual strategy of paying tribute to the origin, touching and exploring the inner self, they write intimately, focussing on a seemingly old groove formed by 808 beats, claps and of analogue production, completed with a digital finish. Lawrence specialises in bathing everything he touches in timid passion and the original track does half of the job with its deep chords and sub-aquatic synth sounds. KiNK & Neville Watson, who know the old school grammar by heart, don’t disappoint either. The bottom line: this is small pearl of blue heart and nimble feet. I trust there will be further remixes. I believe in a perfect world. Javier BlánquezDonnacha Costello - Leaving Berlin (Lawrence Remix)

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