Be True (Burial Remix) Be True (Burial Remix)


Commix CommixBe True (Burial Remix)

8 / 10

Commix Be True (Burial Remix) METALHEADZ (METHLP 013S, 12”)

This remix is like methadone to heroin addicts, a not entirely effective method of detoxification, creating a new dependence and a new kind of anxiety and frustration. The famous remix by Burial announced a while ago has been finally released on vinyl and it comes with a mission: providing a new dose of crepuscular melancholy for the fans who have been complaining as of late—and rightly so—of William Bevan’s plummeting rate of output since the release of “Untrue” (2007). Since then, you know what’s happened: a joint maxi with Four Tet, a new track ( “Fostercare”) on last year’s Hyperdub’s compilation, and a couple of remixes: Not enough to meet our high expectations. The problem with “Be True (Burial Remix)” is that the vinyl release—the track will feature on “Re:Call To Mind”, the reconstruction of the grand “Call To Mind” by Commix, the last great album of liquid, soulful drum’n’bass by a bunch of prestigious producers—only plays the Burial card. A one-sided vinyl in which the role of Commix is minimal, it features the remix without exclusive or alternative takes (the audio was already available before its release on different platforms) and it’s aimed exclusively for collectors. The good thing about it is that we’re looking at an excellent remix by the most textured Burial, the one unconcerned with beats, though there’s some powerful bass and a cinematic breaks concealed under layers and layers of worn-out ambient and that stifled voice of his; a Burial, in short, who has abandoned dubstep to take refuge in absolute sadness.

Claude T. Hill

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