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Towards the end of last year, a small and open-minded sector of dubstep world began turning more of their attention to Detroit. As a meeting of dubstep and techno, there were already numerous worldwide connections for everybody to see - which aren't limited to the musical arena at the moment as all Eurozone and UK readers will appreciate - but instead those dialogues happening with Berlin, with the water stream sounds and complex breathing of Basic Channel. Now, however, expanding the colour wheel of this palette includes seeking influences from westwards, beyond the oceans, where, two decades ago, people imagined the possibility of a long space journey that would go on with only a synthesiser for a companion. Joe Cowton, formerly known as Narcossist - under the Kowton monike, chooses to follow that path.

London now was becoming too small and cramped with curiousity he began looking beyond the present nightlife scene to the past. He looked towards Detroit, scrutinising the long notes that could be the basis for a simple line that carried the signature of Kenny Larkin. He looked especially to the cities of Bristol and London, to Kirk DeGiorgio, The Black Dog - who gave Keysound Recordings a 12", " Stasis (G Mix)," linking the hazy post-Burial dubstep with primitive intelligent techno of labels like Irdial. Now Kowton returns, taking notes from the same book but added amendments to their sound. " Basic Music Knowdlege" is techno-soul or a mixture of G-Man and Michael Jackson with an arrhythmic drum pattern that could have been signed to Pangaea, while " Hunger" is the result of the unlikely intercourse between Sleeparchive and Untold. I won’t say again: get the name Kowton tattooed, next 12 " will score even higher. Claude T. Hill

IDLE003 - Kowton 'Hunger' by Idle Hands Bristol

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