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8 / 10

Redinho  Bare Blips NUMBERS (NMBRS2, 12’’ + digital)

Numbers is to “whateverstep” just as Bloomingdales is to consumerism: whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’ll find it there. The label that would make front page news the day that it does something that’s not great (a new artist, a release, a party, a cover design) is releasing a disc by their new henchman whom we know very little about so far, Redinho . He lives in London, produces for pure fun, has an acute sense of funk and is capable of making an eight-track EP in a week. “ Bare Blips” is like a power point presentation or a tasting menu: within it there’s a cutting room with a clearly party-oriented intention in different versions, from the darkness of the ghetto in “ Mo Brap” to the playful brightness of “ Lightning Strikes”. But, it also has snippets of emotional electronica to enjoy in the privacy of your own room, like the strange “ Pitter Patter”. If you take the refined and elegant details of Deadboy, the unconditional love of kicks and snares of the Prime Minister himself, Hudson Mohawke, and the hilarious sense of rhythm of “ Gold Coinz” of SCR (without the Sonic touches and the overdose of 8bit), you have a rough definition of this debut. Ambivalent and promising, Redinho demonstrates that he has what it takes to be part of the Numbers catalogue. And Numbers demonstrates, yet again, that it’s riding the crest of the wave.

Mónica FrancoRedinho - Bare Blips

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