Babylon Fall EP Babylon Fall EP


Goth Trad Goth TradBabylon Fall EP

8 / 10

DEEP MEDI (MEDI048, 2x12” + digital)

Goth Trad, the man singlehandedly responsible for starting and nurturing the dubstep scene in Japan since 2006, returns to Mala’s Deep Medi label with what’s possibly his tastiest release to date - and a great precursor to his album for the label which will drop in late 2011.

Fans will recognise the title cut on this EP as a trademark of Goth Trad’s set for the last few years (as well as Mala who is the only other DJ I’ve heard drop this). Originally recorded for his Rebel Familia project – alongside bass player Heavy Takeshi – back in 2007, Goth Trad produced the remix featured on this EP in late 2007 but it was held up until now and finally sees the light of day as the lead on this four track EP. This is actually something of a theme running through the EP; most of the productions on there dating back a few years. It’s on this point that Goth Trad shows his flair in a sense, having consciously only released small amounts of productions (and almost all entirely on Deep Medi) for the last three years - despite his worldwide profile rising quickly.

“Babylon Fall” is, unsurprisingly, the main attraction here though the rest of the EP also offers plenty of tantalising, dancefloor friendly riddims. Max Romeo’s vocal is very much the icing on the cake, with the track built around the original’s dubby lead guitar and with the kind of serious bottom end on the drop you’ve come to expect from Japan’s foremost proponent of dubstep. It basically has anthem written all over it.

The rest of the EP offers three tracks, all of which have been staples of Goth Trad’s sets for the last 3 years and which demonstrate all the key elements that make his work interesting and fascinating. “Falling Leaf” has his inimitable hectic leads relentlessly driving another bottom heavy riddim with some seriously well-crafted bassline work and dubbed drums. “Itinerant Priest” – first premiered on MAH’s Radio 1 show back in 2007 – opens up with terrifying synth melodies and ominous cymbals, before dropping into another wobble led riddim that manages to circumvent the obvious cheesiness of the sound by being both incredibly well-crafted and blended with those aforementioned, trademark dubbed out drums. “Sublimation” closes the EP on a more subdued vibe with a dub groove and eerie melodies that makes for a nice conclusion to what is a pretty intense ride at times.

Whilst keeping things firmly orientated towards the dancefloor, this release is by far Goth Trad’s most accessible and solid to date, building up on his profile and showing the depth of his talent considering most of it was written 3 years ago. A no brainer buy for any existing fans or people seeking the more interesting end of dancefloor friendly wobble, if it’s any indication of what’s to come on the album, Goth Trad could well be placed to deliver one of the year’s best dancefloor long players.

Laurent Fintoni


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