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Maurice Donovan  Babeh / Satisfied THE HOUSE SOUND OF SSSSSS (SSSSS02, 12”)

After using the names Ramandanman and Pearson Sound, this is the third moniker of versatile and prolific David Kennedy, used for something he already did very discreetly on previous releases: to exercise his passion for old school American house. Not so much early Chicago house –although Maurice Donovan’s tracks do sound raw, simple and primitively produced like Lil’ Louis’ early works–, but underground New York house from the mid-nineties, which is –to connect it with his post-dubstep efforts– the kind of sound that distinctively influenced British garage. A few weeks ago, under his Pearson Sound alias, Kennedy released a limited single on Night Slugs on which one of the tracks was a refix of Hardrive’s “Deep Inside”, one of the jewels in the Masters At Work crown. On this one, the second reference of The House Of SSSSSS (a label that successfully recovers the artwork of the “The House Sound Of Chicago” compilations on London Records), he’s revisiting the sound of mythical labels such as Tribal, Cutting and Nervous (and some of those old single will be re-valued pretty soon, I gather): both “Babeh” and “Satisfied” share a minimalist outline, the use of filters to lower the high and low frequencies in order to create tension, the cautious use of vocal samples and that rigid rhythm, minimalist and raw, which never goes out of fashion.

Javier Blánquez

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