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David Morley David MorleyAscension

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David Morley  Ascension

DS93 (DS93 007, 12”)

David Morley has always had a monk-like reputation: hiding in a house equipped with the best studio around at the time –or at least, that’s what some of the few people who’ve had the pleasure to work with him, especially Andrea Parker, say–, sitting in front of his machines, making them cry. When he moved to Belgium, in the early nineties, he got to know the founders of the R&S label, with whom he released several singles, which now, for the lovers of the old intelligent techno, are true collector’s items: the album “Tilted” (1998), singles “Evolution EP” and “Stardancer EP” on sublabel Apollo, and, especially, the foundations of Andrea Parker’s work on Mo’Wax and Infonet. The sombre electro break, so typical for Parker’s tracks, with the echoing bass thump that scratches at your flesh on “Melodious Thunk” and, especially, “Ballbreaker”, were David Morley’s work: in fact, there is the sound again on “Angels”. He reproduces it because, at the end of the day, he made that break, it came from his machines like Aphrodite from the waves.

Irregular in his releases –ten years between albums; eight without releasing a 12”–, this “Ascension” for the exclusive Dust Science vinyl club is nothing less than an event for IDM gourmets, but a tough one for the slow ones: it’s already sold out, although the second-hand market could offer some options. On the vinyl there are three pieces that are worth it to move heaven and earth, two electro tracks on the A-side and one 1993-95-style intelligent techno one on the flip, think Beaumont Hannant, Warp’s Speedy J and “Amber”-era Autechre: the very extended “Hollow” is a floating, atmospheric and comforting piece, with a nostalgic sound of an era when electronic music wanted to sound like poetry and the future. Guilty pleasure.

Javier Blánquez

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