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8 / 10

High Wolf, Ascension NOT NOT FUN (NNF189, 12”)From the bottomless pit of the new improvised psychedelica, from the extensive fields of music mined in drones and manipulated analogue equipment, from the lush woods of avant-garde DIY for an open-minded audience far from the holy places of the stiffened academies, is High Wolf. The Frenchman isn’t new to the scene, because he has a long list of tape releases to his name, almost all of them limited editions with scarce distribution, and it’s only now that we can hear his work on vinyl, available on a slightly larger scale. High Wolf has his roots in esotherism, in the unknown: he’s not an experimental metal acolyte but his sonic tourism always takes him to the shady zones of the musical spectrum. What gives an aura of humanity to these five tracks (a 40-minute nauseous voyage with a happy end) is the subterranean percussion - in the best sense, like wood, and tropical at times. Ominous drones fly overhead as well as ethnic harmonies –on “Meeting Of The Three Seas” taken from Maghreb, Middle East and Arabia; on “Solar System Is My God” he sound extremely Japanese, and attempts at melodies and effects end up dressing up the final result quite well. “Ascension” honours its title, and from the first chilling sensation one reaches an almost heavenly one, as if we have made the trip from the gates of hell all the way to the light of the stars, far away. Tom Madsen

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