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7 / 10

Jacques Greene_Another Girl LUCKY ME (LM008, 12” + digital)

The people of Lucky Me have more than enough reason to consider releasing anything coming from Jacques Greene’s hard drive. When the man from Montreal released his mix set and we heard “Another Girl”, the A-side of this single –plus the remix of “The Look” by Koreless, which is included on the digital version–, even a blind man could see that sooner or later this 2step-house-R&B gem would end up on vinyl. However, let’s give credit where credit’s due, as 50% of the magic of this cut comes from the sample , where the fantasy vocal this comes from is repeated to reinforce the track. It’s surprising to hear Greene getting into the 2step rhythm, a path not chosen often by the Canadian, but very much so by another lover of all things ebony and golden rings: Deadboy. This could be the start of a duel between two geniuses of the run-down ballad with R&B flavour and here Greene could be avenging his decaffeinated “Must Be Love” on Local Action’s “Skydiver”.

On the B-side we find two remixes of The Look. Braiden has never been a champion of the elegant, something he’s always compensated for with the bluntness and efficiency of his remixes. However, his rework of “Holdin’ On” is out of control, twisting a tune of which the original is very hard to improve, a few times too many. Mark Flash is twisting “The Look” and its rhythm as well, changing the elasticity of the bass for a whirlwind of percussion and turning something that started like 90s eroticism into digital era hardcore porn. If the versions by Koreless and Machinedrum of the digital release would have been included on the physical version, I would have given it at least one point more.

Mónica Franco

LM008 - ANOTHER GIRL by Jacques Greene

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