Angry Acid / French Science Angry Acid / French Science


Distal DistalAngry Acid / French Science

8 / 10

TECTONIC (TEC051-12, 12” + digital)

The first time I played “Angry Acid” I almost shat myself. True story. I noticed that feebleness that only comes over you when you're about to face something incredibly shocking and violent. Later, when I managed to hold it in, what I couldn't avoid was my jaw from dropping to the floor. In other words: the track is awesome and when I heard it at Fabric I just had to surrender to its power. It doesn't seem much: a break twisting like a roulette wheel and an acid bass line. But that bass line is unbelievably diabolical: it surrounds you and traps you like a big snake, it takes hold on you and doesn't let go. It's only five minutes long and it doesn't leave much room for the DJ to play with, its bite is fast and accurate: the poison does its work in seconds.

Distal is a young and promising producer from Atlanta who befriended DJ Pinch, his benefactor on Tectonic Recordings. It was Pinch who helped adding the finishing touch to “Angry Acid”, the presentation of a boy brought up on house and rave music (it's slightly reminiscent of the aggressive vinyls released by the vandals of the Drop Bass Network label). However, he’s also developing a taste for lower intensity music, such as that pressed on the flipside of the 12”, “French Science”. It’s a down-tempo track with a whirling rhythm box and some small flashes of acid as well, but more meant for the dub step dance floor. So there are two sides to Distal: the fury and the pause. I hope that in the future he'll opt for the first rather than the second, even though he might actually make me shit myself for real.

Claude T. Hill "Angry Acid"

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