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Exile / Free The Robots Exile / Free The RobotsLos Angeles 10/10

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Exile / Free The Robots  Los Angeles 10/10 ALL CITY (ACLA10X10X10X, 10”)

With this split single shared by Exile and Free The Robots, a series of 10 singles that the All City label has dedicated to exploring the never-ending abstract hip-hop scene of Los Angeles comes to an end. It’s been an exhaustive and laborious effort, and the best that the Californian scene has to offer has been featured. Those who have the complete series in their possession have a valuable document in hands, especially with the contributions of two figures who are closely tied to the psychedelic and IDM undercurrents of the new west coast beats. The presence of Exile on this last 10” is mandatory: the man behind the Plug Research label delivers interesting minutes of delirium with his MPC sampling kitsch material –Arabic strings on “PCP Laced Beedies”, an old Vangelis record (I would swear it’s the start of “China”) on “Distopian Utopian”, soundtracks of old romantic films on “Love For Sell / Bots Have Feelings”– and he shows why he’s considered one of the eccentrics on the scene. On the other side there’s Free The Robots, one of the men behind the Alpha Pup label and a regular in The Gaslamp Killer’s entourage, who this time lowers the sonic weight –the heavy beats in the Glitch Mob vein– in order to create a slightly dark feeling in the form of post-apocalyptic reggae ( “Young & Yet Too Old”), wonky rhythms ( “With The Drum”) and derivations towards computer game sounds ( “Destroy”). Allow me to express my curiosity for the next series on All City. I can’t wait.

Ronald Fritze

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