Los Angeles 6/10 Los Angeles 6/10


Teebs TeebsLos Angeles 6/10

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Daedelus & Teebs Los Angeles 6/10

Right now, it’s got to the point that anything All City releases is going straight into my shopping cart, without even a single listen. The time I save this way I can use later on to play the records over and over again, because the singles of the ‘Los Angeles’ series –all ten parts on 10” ( this is number six) are like candy, or better, like ice cream: they’re finished fast and they’re eaten with delight. On this new instalment are the most psychedelic beatmakers of the Californian scene meet. Daedelus simply can’t go wrong: I know a lot of people who don’t feel his music because there’s always an inclination towards exotica and a dreamy ambient background, as if his music came from the 50’s, but as soon as you look closer you’ll find that what Daedelus does is real. What bass lines, what well-worked rhythms! The six tracks on this 10” form a hallucinogenic 12-minute suite, and I swear to you it has a narcotic effect on me that no drug can. This is a warning so that you won’t underestimate the man, the same way the four Teebs tunes should be included on your “favourite producers of 2010” list. Like Flying Lotus on holiday on Hawaii, his sound here is between intoxicating downtempo and slow-motion hip-hop. Be prepared, while you’re at it, for his album: “Ardour” is next level shit.

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