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Kaito KaitoAnd That Was The Way

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Kaito  And That Was The Way KOMPAKT (KOM 208, 12” + digital)

With his two previous albums under the alias Kaito, Hiroshi Watanabe stuck to the same method of editing separately and soon-after we met the original, releasing a beat-less version of each album. These mixes stripped the baroque tendencies and brought the recordings closer to trance, enhancing elements in the pieces and baring their pure textures and atmospheres. "Trust" (2009) got had the same treatment, only that "Trust Less" (2010) has been published now exclusively in download format, where we think it deserves a more high profile release and is more important than that. Kompakt hasn’t even considered a limited edition CD for Kaito’s loyal fans - they exist!, we're not making it up. What is available, however, is the vinyl that includes three of these reduced ambient tracks from "Trust" - " Rainbow Circles", " And That Was The Way" and " Nothing Could Be More Peaceful." They are perhaps too mellow and static once the complicated rhythmic patterns are removed and, as they become mere chill-out pieces here comes the best bit - an Echospace remix that fills up the A side the side with majestic serenity and impassive calm which has always been by shown the Detroit duo. In fact, this remix of " And That Was The Way" is a top to bottom reconstruction in which hardly anything has been taken from the original - the piano á la Richard Clayderman is gone, quite wisely - and Echospace have started from scratch, with specific insights from Kaito but always directing the results to his own universe of techno-dub and horizontal style. It’s twelve minutes of Echospace in a pure state: spaced beats while being tenacious, wrapping ambient noise similar to a magnetic field and, below, gentle waves of ambient electricity. Same old, with the same soothing result.

Richard Ellmann

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