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7 / 10

Bostro Pesopeo Anantes EP PERMANENT VACATION (PERMVAC 066-1, 12” + digital)

Florian Peter knows very well that if he has to do things, he should do them slowly. This “Anantes EP”, with which he returns after his 2008 debut 12” “Falls” (which included a Hercules & Love Affair remix, no less), stands out for always staying within a very relaxed range of BPMs, while the basis is the most sexually charged Chicago house. But there’s no way the German will accelerate: “Basic” is a half-ghostly production, tuned up with arpeggios that bring you to sleep and supported by a soft beat that doesn’t even reinforces itself when that adorable Hard Ton adds his sensual diva voice to it on “Basic Vox”. Bostro Pesopeo stays true to the Balearic aesthetics –pleasant dawns and wakings, relaxation without limits on the side of the dancefloor– with which he came to Permanent Vacation, and nothing changes on the B-side of this solid and at times frustrating EP: “Anantes” starts with a break and bass line that could come from a Shackleton single remixed by Villalobos, but swiftly enters spatial extensions and makes way for “0000”, a curious piece with an ambient intro, piano notes and finally turns into a weird deep-house exercise.

Impossible to dance to, delicious to listen to with your legs dangling: that is, if you decide to get the digital version of the single, as it includes a remix of “Anantes” by Contra Communem Optionem, who approach the classic Larry Heard sound, and a revision of “Basic Vox” on which Hard Ton makes way for the mythical Billie Ray Martin and takes the helm to add cowbells, cymbals and surrounding sequences. In the end, everybody’s happy. Tom Madsen

Bostro Pesopeo - Anantes by Bostro Pesopeo

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