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The six new pieces with which Californian Eskmo continues his already extensive list of productions hold no mysteries: the San Francisco artist takes from the material of his latest album on Ninja Tune, treats it with software known as P Stretch –or Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch, which, as its name indicates, enables the music to stretch as if it were a piece of chewing gum– and obtains layer on layer of ambient as a result of the extreme deceleration of every element. While before there was creative use of the voice and beats of a certain metallic colour, Eskmo now gleans after the plastic surgery applied to his tracks a prolonged and profound ambiental remix, where the sounds are laid out towards the horizon. They haven’t got the Eskmo post-dubstep or wonky banger touch that would be well-received at the Low End Theory and which have landed him his corner of the scene, but rather the texture of the interludes on any oceanic Sigur Rós album. This reminds us of the fact that, if it’s done right and the ideal part of the material is used, P Stretch can give unexpected results: see that 36+ minute stretch achieved by the accidental hero Shamantis with Justin Bieber’s “You Smile”. This material isn’t based on illegal sampling like the Bieber track –in fact, Eskmo can do with “Gold And Stone”, “Communication”, “Siblings”, “Moving”, “You Go” and “Cloudlight” whatever he feels like, as they’re his tracks–, though it does allow for similar results, the forgetting of the original, as it gets lost in the immensity of a majestic, spatial swell. The P Stretch treatment might not end up as a new ambient subgenre, but when it’s used well, the results are usually interesting, provided they pieces are made with love and care.

Tom Madsen

Eskmo will be appearing at Sónar Barcelona 2011. Tickets are on sale here.

ESKMO - Cloudlight (Ambient P Stretch)

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