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Boxcutter  Allele PLANET MU (ZIQ288-12, 12” + digital)

Before “The Dissolve” reaches the stores –write down the date: 25th April– the fourth album by Barry Lynn, “Allele”, comes with clear intentions of marking the territory and warning that the Northern Irish producer will not be caught out by any faux pas. With the material of “Arecibo Message” (2009) he gave the impression that the buzz he’d managed to maintain since the days of “Oneiric” (2006) –that space between dubstep and IDM that made him Planet Mu’s most ad hoc signing at the time– was fading a bit, but if the tone of the album is on par with this 12”, all bets are off. “Allele” will be on the LP: a construction of dynamic breaks and bright textures in the vein of Boxcutter’s second long-player, “Glyphic”, where his rhythmic strategy seemed to be drawing a slow and panoramic kind of drum’n’bass.

He does the same thing here –the breaks move in time and space on a rhythmic journey not to be missed– but with the bass frequencies more present, giving the track more weight and force. On the flipside is “Other People”: the breaks become more translucent, although its psychedelic sensation remains intact, implemented by the abuse of synths and atmospheric passages reminiscent of the golden age of Detroit. Yet it doesn’t sound like Carl Craig – it sounds like Boxcutter, a man who has had an inimitable style of his own for years.

Ronald Fritze

Boxcutter - Allele by hughrb Boxcutter - Other People by hughrb

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