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Sound Stream All Night SOUND STREAM (SST05, 12”)

Frank Timm is an on-off kind of guy, not only when he has to make singles for his Sound Stream project (five in total over eleven years) -that could be a world record for inconsistency- but also when he records as Soundhack, his other well-known alias (four singles in thirteen years), or when he teams up with Erik Wiegand, aka Errosmith, to record under the moniker of Smith N Hack (four 12”s in eight years). In the light of these facts it’s clear why “All Night” is no less than an event: it’s not only Sound Stream’s first record in two years, it’s also the only sample of his talent we’re going to taste in a long time, if he keeps up this release rhythm. Even more so because, of all the projects Timm is participating in, Sound Stream is the most purist and festive, the one that isn’t based on noise or abrupt techno and focuses on the elegance of old 90s Chicago house, which, in the hands of Paul Johnson and DJ Sneak, recovered the feeling of the sexiest disco music.

I’m sure Timm didn’t release this 12” with the intention of claiming anything, but at a time when the archaeological reactivation of disco music is still vitally going on, his choice of material seems more acute than ever. The single includes three tracks and all of them have a summery touch that seems to come a bit late now that winter is on its way, but at least it warms the hearts of the club veterans: “All Night” is a hullabaloo of shouts and filtered sounds, like a repetitive remix of Daft Punk’s “Revolution 808”, while “Tease Me” has more cut-up sounds in the vein of Todd Edwards, but there is one really hot tune, which is “Deeper Love”, on which Frank Timm gets decidedly closer to the layers of emotional synthesisers of deep house. In short: this is a great release.

Javier Blánquez

Soundstream - All Night

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