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Anstam / Phon.O  Albert / IL62 50 WEAPONS (50WEAPONS010, 10” + digital)

This 10”, released recently by the slippery label Modeselektor is important for one simple reason only: it means the return to the techno arena of mysterious duo Anstam. In 2007, they released two 12”s on their own label –one of the pioneers of the posterior boom of anonymous self-releases– with music somewhere between the rhythmic asymmetry of Autechre and the echoing deepness of Basic Channel. Since then, there’s been silence, apart from a pirate single in 2009. Maybe “Albert” is another exception in a long trajectory of oblivion and disappearances, but it could also be the opposite: the reappearance of a name that contributes new things to abstract IDM (Anstam give more thickness and power to the tracks) and club techno (on the other hand, Anstam are obsessed with minuscule details). The good news is that they haven’t lost their touch, the ability to unite subtleties and abrupt construction. The other side of the 10” is also significant: Phon.O reappears after a period of silence as well, and in their case it’s a double whammy: there’s another 12”, released at the same time, with their vision of rave-laden electro, another outstanding student of the Modeselektor school: here he sounds like Apparat in the British countryside circa 1994, and that is a must-have for those who look for something solid, serious and forward-thinking in current techno.

Ronald Fritze

Anstam - Albert phon.o - il62

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