Air On Fire EP Air On Fire EP


Aufgang AufgangAir On Fire EP

9 / 10

Aufgang, Air On Fire EP INFINÉ (iF1010, 12” + digital)

Aufgang’s virtuosity is undisputable. Rami Khalifé and Francesco Tristano play the piano like maestros, if not like angels, and what stands out the most during a live performance or when listening to one of their records, is the dynamism of their notes, the constant tension between speed and pause, acrobatics and simplicity: they master the instrument completely. What didn’t become completely clear on their first album “Aufgang” (Infiné, 2009) was the versatility in the compositions, and it wasn’t because Tristano, Khalifé and their loyal ally Aymerich can’t do all kinds of things, but because in that particular case they didn’t seem to completely exploit the astonishing variety of registers they hold in their hands. “Air On Fire EP”, however, lets us hear things we knew they had in them but which they only had developed partly and did not yet have absolute conviction about. For example, “Aufgang (Auricle Dub)” recovers the palette of hypnotic textures and the techno cadence of “Auricle Bio On” (Francesco Tristano’s second solo record) and sounds like a blind date between Bártok and the Plastikman of the “Closer” era, while “Douce Violence” gets close to hardcore –according to the proto-gabber aesthetic of Marc Acardipane– embedding some furious scales that hurt the skull (only to immediately lower the tension and conceal the electronic contribution on “Warm Snow”, an oasis of calm in the form of post-impressionist nocturnal action –without forgetting the precious tension between house, romantic pianos and pitched-up vocals of “Dulceria”, an intelligent incursion in “easy music”, or the two electro-ish remixes delivered by Krazy Baldhead and the more experimental, microtonal, shucking the scales note by note and mixing them with meticulous breaks, of Sutekh. The end result is immense. Javier Blánquez


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