Aeonian Ep / Vs. EP Part 2 Aeonian Ep / Vs. EP Part 2


Reference ReferenceAeonian Ep / Vs. EP Part 2

8 / 10

Reference  Aeonian Ep / Vs. EP Part 2 PLANET E (PLE65320, 12”) / BERETTA GREY (BMG07, 12”)

If Luke Hesshad started to Produce a little earlier, he would have entered the select group of artists who will go down in history as responsible for resurrecting the best in techno-dub, alongside Echospace and Claro Intelecto. Now he’ll have to make do with the dignified role of follower, when the hype has died down and the saturation of releases has nearly killed off the style’s possibilities of success -those dilated delays, those elastic ambiances, the weightlessness- which techno has shown from its conception. But Hess has confirmed his talent more than once, so we must keep believing in him, even if destiny is not on his side. Here, through his project Reference, which he shares with Brian Kage in their native Detroit, on two simultaneous singles with which should increase his presence in specialist shops. “ Vs. EP Part 2”, actually, is a curiosity for collectors: remixes by Cv313 (“ The Wake”) and Marko Fürstenberg develop the long hypnotic path of the tracks, Dj tools for warm ups. The real treat is “ Aeonian EP”, the debut of both producers on Carl Craig’s Planet E, where Hess and Kage offer two impeccable takes on Detroit techno: “ Best Day In Detroit” and “ Best Night In Detroit”, exercises of rhythmic spacial tension and distension á la Fragmented / Transmat / Art Of Dance. The same story, told at the right time.

Richard Ellmann


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