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Robag Wruhme Robag WruhmeWuppdeckmischmampflow

7.5 / 10


The splitting up of the Wighnomy Brothers was heavily cried over by the mourners of German minimal. They won’t go down in history like Richie Hawtin will, of course, but their sessions are still throbbing furiously inside of the clubbers who were able to savour the experience. With the DJ set “Metawuffmischfelge” as the final legacy in the career of these brothers who never were, one of them is back, the ever-inspired Robag Wruhme –Gabor Schablitzki on his passport– to tell us, “Hey, here I am.” And he’s doing it no more or less than from the headquarters of Kompakt, a label that fits his way of understanding music. Yes, the label from Cologne has provided this gifted producer with a platform for showing how great he is at the turntables, and how well he works out the complex equations of dance music with feeling. And the truth is that, although we will miss good old Sören Bodner, it’s impossible to lament the loss of the Wighnomy name when faced with a demonstration of quality, class, and voluptuousness at the turntables like the one we have here. In other words: you will have a hard time finding a CD-mix of the scope of “Wuppdeckmischmampflow” in the coming weeks or months.

Wruhme’s intention is very clear. The dude isn’t a novice, and although as a producer he hasn’t received the recognition that he deserves, his songs and remixes have floated around clubs all over the world over the course of the last five years, to cheers, applause, and activated pupils. Apparat’s got nothing on him, have no doubt. That same loveliness is what he applies when he steps up to the turntable. The German not only seeks to give a new dimension to minimal house by making it velvety smooth, with IDM details, but rather it also seeks depth, looking to get to the bone, and it does so on the basis of reverberations (his speciality), eternal mixes, the layering of two or even three cuts, and a touch that is smoother than cashmere. The fluidity with which Wruhme puts together the pieces is wonderful. The tracklist rocks as if it were liquid, changing shape in function of the continent, unfolding like the silent waves that one causes by tossing a pebble into the water. The house is enormously silky, the minimal smells like conditioner, the pop is chewed with nostalgia, the techno tastes like Detroit, and the more cosmic echoes have a truly delicious hint of IDM.

Up in his own private hot-air balloon, Schablitzki brings out cuts by Four Tet, Ricardo Villalobos, Tiefschwarz, Moderat, Trentemøller, Claro Intelecto and DJ Koze, among other gods, to manufacture a mass that is half danceable gas, half narcotic. Even when he’s dipping into a string of names that are well-known and prestigious, artists with marked, very strong personalities, he manages to give shape to a group of songs that he makes into a single, very long, very hypnotic track. It’s a gigantic remix lasting nearly an hour that ends up showing itself to be dance music to listen to lying down, or relaxing music to dance to. Few can make other people’s material their own in such an insulting manner. Thus, “Wuppdeckmischmampflow” gets you drunk, but without a trace of a hangover afterwards. It is pure technotronic elegance, warm underwear for those seeking horizons beyond the dance floor, without giving up any bpm’s. It’s a session that feels like a hot shower on the coldest day of the year.

Óscar Broc

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