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Part Time Part TimeWhat Would You Say?

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Part Time  What Would You Say? MEXICAN SUMMER

Once there was a man who looked like Julian Casablancas and who loved to rummage through the piles of old keyboards he collected at home. Taking the new romantics - who were fighting from the claws of new wave at the end of the eighties - as an example, David Speck set out to pay tribute to the neon lights and grainy television screens showing VHS videos. That's how Part Time was born, a synthetic bedroom project, with which he seems to want to darken the sunny sound of his native San Francisco. It’s is all about huge concrete buildings, solitary nights on streets full of women selling their bodies, feeling abandoned in a no-man’s land.

Like Ariel Pink, Twin Shadow and - most recently - Blank Dogs, Part Time doesn't want to satirise the eighties. He pays tribute to some of his childhood heroes with the new romanticism of a nostalgic, who doesn't really understand modern times. You only need to listen to some of his references: “Thunderbolts Of Love” takes us back to the Pet Shop Boys at their most lethargic, “She’s Got The Light” is Bryan Ferry untouched by Botox and the title track is reminiscent of “Let’s Dance” era Bowie. Even The Cure are around ( “Hey Karen”) on this lo-fi feast Mexican Summer has prepared for us, with some truly infectious parts. The closing track for instance - “Cassie (Won’t You Be My Doll)” - leaves us with a sweet taste in our mouths, opening the door to a promising time of eternal retro happiness. If Speck ever decided to pay us a visit with his band (unlike the album, which he recorded on his own), we'll see if he really makes us believe in a better past.

Sergio del Amo

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