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We’re off to a good start. With a quote from the controversial Julian Assange, to be exact. It all starts with a fiery speech –“we choose the right format. We leak the information to the public, and we defend ourselves against inevitable legal and political attacks,” spoken by an unidentified female over a background that could be the channel spot for a successful prime-time hits of the 80’s show. And although the Australian Assange may have gone too far with so many diplomatic cables, who’s to say, it fits M.I.A. like a glove, firing the starting shot for a mixtape that improves –a lot– after this bizarre beginning. The massive leaking of classified documents and its source of transmission, WikiLeaks, not only serve for plagiarising quotes as a sort of introduction, but also to baptise the tape in question, which goes by the cute name “Vicki Leekx”, in a clear nod to the leak website (with a feminist slant). Maya Arulpragasam would never have let this type of material have the least touch of testosterone, of course.

The mixtape contemplates 36 minutes that the musician from Sri Lanka has given her followers via Twitter since last Christmas, like a Tamil Santa Claus. This very brief compilation, which comes on a single track, brings together a good collection of leaked songs: cast offs from her last album, as well as other songs that M.I.A. has never “declassified” and which were still gathering dust in the depths of her sound library. To tell the truth, as powerful as these minutes sound, M.I.A. would have done well to use a few more of these tracks for her latest album “// / Y /”. Songs like “Let Me Hump You” return us to her roots through bhangra lines that blend with beats that break your hips as soon as they explode into the air. The mixtape continues, from there, with a mixture of carioca funk seasoned with a pinch of electronic, hip hop rhymes, and even a little dub –Diplo, Danjahandz… producers like that are a guarantee of quality– that she blends with all of those global sounds that the artist does so well. Please let world music always be like this from now on.

This intense compilation also sounds like weapons that go off with rhythm and loops that suck up the brain and only ceasefire when the last second of the last frame is heard. In summary, the perfect epitome of what we all wanted M.I.A. to be forever. If anybody was wondering what exactly is playing, Maya has been so kind as to hang up a very tracklist as well –also available over here to the side– so that you can keep up with what is passing through your ears.

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Download the mixtape here.

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