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Renaissance Man: we should say that more often. With “The Renaissance Man Project”, their majestic debut from late 2011, the Finnish duo informed us of something that many of us didn't know. Architects aren't all ambitious, grey, elitist beings who long to get into one of Norman Foster and Elena Ochoa's parties in London. Nah. There are some who are people like us, freaks who adore electronic music above all else, looking at life through extremely bizarre 3D glasses.

Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala earned the respect of the clubber world with a very personal revision of the Dead House Scriptures that contributed some impossible variants, samples from unlikely sources, acid tickles, crunchy breaks and spacey brushes of old school to it. The cold stimulates extravagance and contributes to a very particular sense of humour; all of these elements resulted in an excellent album that I have to recommend highly. Tiga didn't sign them for his label Turbo Recordings for nothing: the Canadian is good at picking out talents with huge potential and turning freaks into dance-floor heroes.

Hardly six months after its release, “The Renaissance Man Project” is back, only this time extremely manipulated, courtesy of some top-notch nutty professors. In other words: a remix album, that recording company trick that has been done more often than Sasha Grey. Nevertheless, the good thing is that Turbo has done a good job of making this something more than just an anecdote for those who want to have all of everything.

You have to applaud the inclusion of Matthew Herbert, who rubs his minimalist lamp to get some liquid house with the pieces moved around like a Rubik's cube: his “What Do You Do When You Do What You Do” is pure microscopic coolness. Frenchman Joakim doesn't disappoint, either, reorganising “Trance Central” by injecting some lazy epic into it with creeping pianos and post-nostalgic Italo effects. An old friend of the two house architects, fellow countryman Juri Hulkkonen, applies a toxic layer of trance-like acid to “Natty Jussi”, working your brain with smoothness and lysergic microwaves. Also very attractive are the cosmic electro implants the great Dexter gives to “Stalker Humanoid”: hyaluronic acid for your iPod. Great remixers for great songs: the secret, of course, is in the dough.

SOS (WhoMadeWho Remix)

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