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Pallers  The Sea Of Memories LABRADOR

Both solo artists, three years ago Johan Angergård (Club 8, Acid House Kings) and (sometimes) experimental musician and photographer Henrik Mårtensson decided to join the respective creative baggage to start an electronic pop project that should be understood as an exercise of sonic melancholy in slow-motion. Pallers, the new darling of the Labrador label (founded by Angergård himself) is the materialisation of two apparently indivisible universes: the friendliness of the icy Scandinavian pop of bands like The Tough Alliance and Air France - with a taste for the right dose of experimentation and fantasy ( “The Kiss” is a good example) - moving in the field of Balearic rather than the merely atmospheric (with echoes of “Sounds Of Silence”).

On “The Sea Of Memories”, inspired by their trips to Spain and South Africa in the past few years, the better part of the material (the M83-like opener, “Another Heaven”, is the perfect example) follow the same pattern. The Kraftwerk-like beats sound in the distance, in slow-motion, over which layers are laid of reverb-drenched, dreamy vocals, all with an air of contemporary pessimism. There's even the odd danceable moment ( “Come Rain, Come Sunshine”, with Karolina Komstent from Club 8 doing background vocals, and “Wicked”, featuring Elise from Jemma & Elise and on which they sound like a Swedish version of Saint Etienne), as if the sun were unexpectedly shining on the streets white with snow. But the truly important thing is that two people who until now had very little to do with the synthetic pop world have been able to come up with a debut album that makes it hard to think of them as a one-off project.

Sergio del Amo

Pallers - The Sea of Memories LP by The FADER

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