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Vivian Girls Share The Joy


“Some drunk/heroin girl just punched Fiona in the head and it was almost a full out brawl but she thought Fiona was someone else?!? Wtf!! Another day in the life of Vivian Girls.” After this incident, newbie Fiona Campbell, who substituted Ali Koehler (now in Best Coast), can consider herself welcomed into the world of Vivian Girls: a band that started as a promising trio and is now home to a network of indie connections, with two changes of drummer, and several parallel projects (La Sera, The Babies). The Vivian Girls sound has a lot to give, keeping in mind what the latest hypes sound like (read: Best Coast). Although their latest effort, “Share The Joy”, can stand next to “Crazy For You” (2010) or Woods, the mix of garage-rock, surf-pop, lo-fi and shoegaze can sound retro ( “The Other Girls”), innocent (sounds like a Bethany Cosentino who has never broken a glass in her life who’s singing on “Dance (If You Wanna)”) or straight up schoolyard walkman anthems ( “Take It As It Comes”), and we’re not going to make any references to The Pipettes.

Because in spite of the sixties nudges ( “I Heard You Say”) and the nasal vocals, singing as if nothing is happening, as if the lyrics weren’t saying anything important, Vivian Girls like the noisy side, dense, with personality and body (check out “Try To Pretend”), like a sample of a red wine that tastes sweet at first but gives you a sandalwood blow afterwards and ends up sparkling in your throat. In short, they’re mixing angelical vocals with the dirtiest garage ( “Light In Your Eyes”), instead of going the melodic way. Like Katy does with her other band, La Sera, especially on their single “Never Come Around”.

Big sounds, textbook stuff ( “Death”, “Vanishing Of Time”, among others), and a little twinkle ( “I Heard You Say”) that shows us it’s possible to find traces of The Last Shadow Puppets in a female version with a little more grit.

Jordi Guinart

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