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Yelle  Safari Disco Club

V2 RECORDS / COOPERATIVE MUSICIt’s up to Julie Budet and her inseparable friends GrandMarnier and Tepr to equal the success of smash hit album “Pop Up” that filled half of Europe with fluorescent colours back in 2007. And despite there not being a “Je Veux Te Voir” or “A Cause Des Garçons” on “Safari Disco Club” –apart from “Que Veux-Tu”–, the French threesome are back with a consistent record fuelled by the eighties and beefed up by pop, without the need for instant hits. The tektonik part is now in the past, dance is the suburban soundtrack again and our beloved Yelle, confronted with that scene, wants to break the idiomatic barriers of her naïve concept with a collection of songs that are great, except for the rapping parts. We could say that she’s improved the pillars –production-wise, the reinforced synths of “Mon Pays” or the Chromeo-style run-down funk of “Unillusion” represent a step forward with regards to her early compositions–, but the important thing is that the album is always entertaining, from start to finish, coherent and able to force the sleep right out of our eyes.

One of the few things one could say she made a mistake with is the choice of “La Musique” as the first single, as the song –while it could be part of that Alizée comeback sponsored by the Institubes label, who have just announced they’re closing up shop– is quite different from the rest of the album. With the tribalism of the title track and the great “Que Veux-Tu” there would have been no discussion. But in an ideal world, the next tune chosen to burn the dancefloor would be the poisoned candy that is “Comme Un Enfant”.

Yelle wants to be acknowledged as one of the great figures in pop outside that overly protective French market. And the truth is that “Safari Disco Club” has the weapons to make that happen. What happens next is up to her –her best business card has always been her live show, during which it’s impossible to stand still and not feel like a child at a fairground–, but we’re confident that the 21st century Lio –check out “C’est Pas Une Vie”– will one day have Katy Perry as support act, instead of the other way around. Sergio del Amo

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