Project: Mooncircle. 10th Anniversary Project: Mooncircle. 10th Anniversary


Various VariousProject: Mooncircle. 10th Anniversary

7.8 / 10

Ten years go by in the blink of an eye. You open the newspaper, and when you close it - without any warning at all - you're suddenly a fat bastard, with grey hair on your head and growing out of your nose and ears, and your girlfriend's run off ages ago with a 25-year old dude. And yet, in spite of the physical decline, there's no denying that it's been ten beautiful years of non-stop ingestion for the lovers of oddball electronica. Lunar station Project: Mooncircle's sonic vending machine hasn't stopped stuffing the space cadets' faces with incredible interstellar rhythms. We've been floating through the galaxy - by the hand of some beatmakers moulding the sonic clay called ‘future beat’ -without fear. About 100 titles released by artists who, over time, have become big players in the field of experimentation, and have found in the Berlin label the ideal home for their cubist hip-hop merchandise.

The platform's importance in its field is capital. Few European labels boast such an accumulation of talents and classics - without any compromise in that eternal battle all long-standing houses have to fight, in order to keep the freshness and investigative spirit of their beginnings. That's why this celebration should be like the best bacchanals of ancient Greece. The avid collectors should reserve some money, for this is not just another compilation. The 32-piece tracklist has been selected with the utmost care, and the presentation is in keeping: a beautifully designed box of four vinyls (two white, two black), 13 digital bonus tracks, a poster with the download code and a magnificent T-shirt (only if you buy the set on And so it should be: with such an appealing selection of music, it would be a mistake not to make the packaging equally brilliant.

The first psychonauts who laid the foundations of the Project: Mooncircle sound - such as CYNE and the great Jahbitat - are joined by producers who have fattened the Gordon Gieseking founded label's legacy. Liquid funk, avant-garde hip-hop, radioactive wonky, galactic dubstep, Californian toasts, cosmic digital ravings, Game Boy riffs: it's hard to pick any individual track for this review. With this amount of material (over 40 tracks, between the vinyls and the downloads) and such a large group of gifted producers (Mike Gao, Mike Slott, Jhest, Tom Dicicco, Dday One, Sun Glitters, Manuvers, DZA and 40 Winks), one can only take a plunge into the digital bath without any restrictions; with all the time and cannabis in the world. Even the fussiest future beat lovers will have to pick up their jaws, before this accumulation of good shit. Add to that the fact that all of the tracks are exclusive to this compilation, and you know there's only one conclusion: this is one of the best compilations you'll hear this year. Buy or die.

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