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Dum Dum Girls Dum Dum GirlsOnly In Dreams

8.1 / 10

Dum Dum Girls Only In Dreams SUB POP

Overtaking Vivian Girls on the left hand side, in a lo-fi fashion with depth and perfecting the formula of bad girls locked up in a garage making messy and noisy pop; Dee Dee and her friends forget about the punches (they handed all those out on their first album “I Will Be”) and focus on melodies. Flaming melodies, enviable like the drop top driven by Thelma and Louise. On “In My Head” for example, giving more depth to their sound by taking a step towards Lucky Soul and making Bethany Cosentino's attempts to become a post-modern, surf-addicted Sandy Olson pale in comparison. They also add brightness and - they repeat - they have no intention of ever going back to sleep again, few times they have sounded as digestible as on “Bedroom Eyes”.

The production has improved - although you can't really put your finger on where - something they know a thing or two about at Sub Pop. They've learned to paint with different colours – all shadows of pink are on “Always Looking” and the call on hold that is “Caught In One”. More playful ( “Just A Creep”) and less vast ( “Coming Down” is the album's official ballad and it sounds sizzling and ethereal rather than immense), Dum Dum Girls have just signed the perfect sequel to “I Will Be”; with a nod to the master Roy Orbison in the title (something of the spirit of the huge and Lynchian “In dreams” is on the album, though not on the electrifying track where the words in question are uttered: “Wasted Away”) included.

Conceived in part as a long and heartfelt goodbye letter to Dee Dee's recently passed away mother, “Only In Dreams” is the record that puts Dum Dum Girls at the front of their class. No discussion.

Laura Fernández

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