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Soom T & Disrupt Soom T & DisruptOde 2 A Carrot

7.6 / 10

Soom T & Disrupt  Ode 2 A Carrot JAHTARI

While the marijuana spirals go up to the ceiling and the Foster’s cans pile up like old cars at an out-of-town scrapyard, the speakers crackle to the rhythm of the futurist burps of Soom T and Disrupt. There’s digital grease here. Devastating reggae. Digi-dub fed by the best sensi. It’s a sound so smoked out that one could think that the smokers community of Jamaican fireweed is something like “Distrito 9” in 2011, only inhabited by Rastafarians armed with Gameboys and Megadrives instead of talking cockroaches. In this doobie war there are only bodies piled up in the ashtrays, which is why soldiers kneel before the Ganja goddess and, with a knife clenched between her teeth, she makes all the clichés of THC culture look ridiculous. It’s impossible to doubt the Amazonian: though she’s more Scottish than a bagpipe, she sings as if she were born in a Kingston shanty.

Alongside her is producer Disrupt, with whom she already shared an EP –“Dirty Money”–, which made quite an impression and preceded this magnificent “Ode 2 A Carrot”, a devastating piece of reggae for nano-cannabis-addicted cyborgs. The Jahtari label, a meeting place for digital freaks and lovers of obese basslines, doesn’t usually fail in this kind of affairs. Records like “Ode 2 A Carrot” return this latest generation musical herbalist to the top. Yours truly, who with the reggae community shares only a love for smoking natural opiates, found himself scandalously easily dragged into the world of UFOs, retro video consoles, Rastafarian androids and Jamaican nuclear power stations. The binomial works perfectly. Soom T knows how to handle melodies with an impeccable flow, sweet but never too much. On “Saved By A Ganja Leaf” –I can relate to the title– she shows her skill over a base of summery dub with some 8-bit sprouts under the carpet. She doesn’t give in, even on the most discreet productions, such as “Never Get Caught”, the girl manages to give another dimension to the mishmash of laser effects that Disrupt is firing from the mixing deck. But the German throws in his weight, too: his is the merit of elevating the level and giving an undisputable modern and futurist look to a genre that is already full of digital excess. On “Jungle Of Peace” he finds the perfect balance between saturated raspberry and summery melody, and on “Puff That Weed” –another title I like a lot– he chooses to twist the percussion until obtaining a kind of beachy electro-crunk with which he can dress the beat of the keys.

And it’s on the laziest and most unpredictable tracks where one feels at ease the most. “Weed Hawks” is a kind of smoked-up lullaby in industrial format, where Soom T goes all out during one of her most addictive vocal efforts.“Weed Is Sweeter” is futurist roots with soul, and is one of the tastiest pieces on the album. “Bring The Sensi” is the most obvious and entertaining 8-bits mutation: an ocean of little noises, effects and slot-machine sounds turned into a digi-dub anthem that will make your eyes redder than a mandrill’s bottom. The first LP by Soom T and Disrupt is not only a great record, it’s the ideal cross where convinced Rastas, Gameboy electronica freaks, dubstep soldiers and even a modern rapper could find something to their liking. Pure Herbal Essence, like the shampoo.

Óscar Broc

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