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I don't see too many young bands making an effort to be honest. Most of them just sound like a lame version of some artist from the eighties. You see them and you say: 'this is a pitiful Human League rip-off' or 'here's a pale Dexys Midnight Runners’”. Jeff Tweedy dixit, a wise man who doesn't make a habit of being wrong, and who could be surprised by Dominant Legs. Because after their magnificent EP from last year, the San Francisco band show they're not just any band on “Invitation”. Their sound is sincere, tasty and wonderfully exuberant. The umpteenth celebration of the never-ending eighties sounds unforced, as if the influence of those years were running through their veins. Ryan Lynch (formerly in Girls) and company have made an accomplished, sophisticated debut, cocky without really being so, an album that travels to the happy days of all those bands that dressed well and composed even better and comes back with a smile on its face and the lessons of Chic, Aztec Camera, Paul Simon and The Human League well learned. An album with a modern soul and a strong heart.

Like Hot Chip, John Maus or Phoenix, who come to mind when hearing the guitar of “Take A Bow”, Dominant Legs' music convinces because, rather than on the colour, it focuses on the warmth of that decade. Their collection of new and juicy songs is served at the right temperature.Dressed up tastefully, it parades self-assuredly, well-groomed, with the shirt tucked in the trousers, displaying a natural sybaritism of which the album sleeve, pure coolness, says it all. The repertoire, smooth and shiny like the skin of a recently washed piece of fruit, is full of fabulous singles: instant hits ( “Hoop Of Love”), sweet ballads ( “Make Time For The Boy”), bloody gems (the dirty “The One That You’re With”) and hedonistic pieces ready to take on any depression ( “Lady Is Sleek And So Petite”). To all the good things we could find on the EP (instrumental tickles, rich lyrics, clean harmonies and melodies) we can now add new, carefully controlled dimensions, drenched in a contagious joie de vivre and sprinkled with cold-wave, twee, white funk, R&B, noise... “Invitation” sounds radiant and young, stylish and full of hope. Lynch confesses he wrote it “with the intention of making others feel good”, and it's turned out delicious and sweet like a sin that shouldn't be one.

Cristian Rodríguez

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