Fragments Of Night Fragments Of Night


Ingenting Kollektiva Ingenting KollektivaFragments Of Night

7.2 / 10

The feeling that everything has already been said when it comes to drones, dark ambient and isolationism is often inevitable - so it's hard to keep a fresh look on things when new material comes out. Which makes it all the more pleasant and surprising when we hear a release that manages to draw our attention; to know it's still possible to bring something new and exciting to the genre is a priceless feeling. “Fragments Of Night” by Ingenting Kollektiva is one of those releases.

The sound is part of the mystery surrounding Ingenting Kollektiva, a group formed by four broadminded musicians (for instance, the quartet claims their music is a homage to the films of Ingmar Bergman, among other things). On this record - released by the demanding Invisible Birds label - they're especially elusive and enigmatic, as evasive as the biographies of the individual band members. They divide the album into two pieces of twenty minutes each. They explore numerous emotions on both tracks, in a way that seems natural and logical, with an interesting control of space and a sense of exploration that is simply thrilling.

“Fragments Of Night A”, the opening track, is divided into three phases, of which the middle piece - a gliding, melancholic ambient mantra - is the winner. It’s reminiscent of the Miasmah catalogue and the darker releases on Type Records, albeit with a very personal and unique touch. “Fragments Of Night B”, on the other hand, is more linear, though their use of odd instruments and heterodox sounds makes things all the more interesting. As is the case with most of the releases coming from this scene, “Fragments Of Night” is meant for slow digestion, especially when the melody disappears. However, there's a hidden world in there somewhere, both creatively and emotionally, and Ingenting Kollektiva skilfully and elegantly avoid all the stereotypes.

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