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2562  Fever WHEN IN DOUBT

Netherland’s Dave Huisman’s third LP under the 2562 alias is comprised entirely of sounds that he’s gleaned from 70s and 80s disco records. That’s not just samples, that’s every single tiny fraction of sound that’s been culled from a disco song somewhere. Take a minute to absorb that information, because that alone confirms the album as something that’s almost more of a piece of art than an album of music.

The LP title “Fever” seems a wry nod to its disco origins, but you don’t have to get very far into this to recognise that there’s definitely more than a hint of the “post-dubstep” about 2562. The beats are sputtery and dry, especially on the opening track “Winamp Melodrama”. Considering this is the album opener, it isn’t a track that instantly grabs your attention.

The whole focus of this opening track is its jerky beats, and it's somewhat lacking in other distinguishing features. There are definitely songs on the album that are more immediately appealing, and this becomes obvious as the album moves onto “Cheater”. This feels like the true opening piece of the album - it's more upbeat and there's more happening in it. Vocals are used sparingly, and as a result, to better effect. “Cheater” has a darker and more edgy quality about it, and it's this that seems to place it in the same realm as today's post dubstep artists.

Other standout songs on the album are “Juxtaposed”, which lives at the more cosmic end of the spectrum, and “Flavor Park Jam”, which is full on contemporary dubstep beats. “Intermission” is another favourite, and one which starts slow but builds up into something more impressive.

Whilst I'm still amazed at the way 2562 has jigsawed this album together, there are times when it threatens to become background music. I really want to love this LP, but it feels like it lacks in anything concrete to hold onto. Although it’s obvious that the premise of the album is to be quite minimal, and the various workings of the songs are intended to be subtle, it feels like there’s something missing. The moments that do steal your attention, like the somewhat ironically named “Intermission”, are disappointingly few and far between. Whilst the standout tracks are pretty much amazing, other tracks on the LP seem a bit superfluous in comparison.

As a work of art, this is something incredible, but as an album, it isn't quite there.

Emma Tucker

2562 - Fever - doubt001cd/lp by 2562 / A Made Up Sound

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